January 14, 2009

Stalking the Fashion Prey

Bill Cunningham, The New York Times fashion photographer, always gets his shot.

Here he is on Madison Avenue for a frigid afternoon of shooting fashion victims. He was waiting outside the door of a Chase bank branch after he spotted a man wearing a flamboyant fur hat duck inside to use an ATM machine. Bill waited patiently on the street and when the slender, well-dressed man came out he quickly sprang into action. Bill fired off a dozen shots (or more) as the man flashed a broad smile, casually hopped on his flaming hipster bicycle and pedaled off down the avenue.

Bill's been focusing on the recession in his last couple of On The Street reports. As usual, I totally disagree with him and think he has absolutely no idea what he is talking about. You can usually find him hanging out outside the front door of Barney's on the weekends with his camera pointed and ready for action.

UPDATE: Welcome new readers from Cityfile!


bitingmidge said...

Great shot and great story. I completely disagree with him as well but thanks for drawing him to my attention!

Sunshine Coast Daily - Australia

a c said...

Either I saw the same dude recently, or it's a new look going around, the fur hasidic hat on steroids.

Christopher said...

It's not a hat you forget easily. It will definitely keep him warm in this cold weather.