January 16, 2009

Fashion Trash

Yesterday's fashion. Here today, tossed out on the street tomorrow. 57th Street detritus outside Dior and Chanel.

We're back to normal after a very atypical (at least for me) 24 hour news cycle in New York City. Welcome to Quite All Right. Comments appreciated.


Mame said...

The BBC has two or three stories on their home page about the crash. Everyone's rabbiting on about how awesome the pilot did his job and how well the rescue went. It's BIG worldwide news and Quite All Right broke it!

Christopher said...

awww....shucks. thanks for the nice comment.

excellent use of the word rabbiting.

from crash to trash....that's how we do. might be nice to find some graffiti trucks today.

Mame said...

Over at Foundmoolah - we found a hawk!

gamyra said...

great shot!