January 4, 2009

Jessica Simpson's Graffiti Truck

I spotted Jessica Simpson driving this truck up 6th Avenue the other day. She was rocking out to "Play Me Like a Record" by Kelli Crossley.


Kelly said...

So, is the graffiti truck like the new trendy celeb choice of wheels?

I saw a normal looking couple driving a graffiti truck yesterday headed toward the UN. On the back it said "Love Your President" and then to the side it said"Obama" and then below that and "X". Any idea who it belongs to or what it is?

Christopher said...

Yes, all the celebs are driving Graffiti Trucks around Manhattan. It's pretty awesome.

That truck you saw yesterday...pretty sure that's the Obama Love Your President X truck that Nicolas Cage has been seen darting around town in. Eyes peeled for more.

Thanks for your comment.