January 15, 2009

US Airways Flight 1549 - Approaching the Water


UPDATE: Images are now viewable here.

Here is another picture of the plane as it glides in for a belly flop on the Hudson River. I can only imagine what the people on board were thinking at this exact moment.

I don't think I've ever seen many photographs like this just moments before a plane is about to make a crash landing in the water.

My friend Matt, who took these photos, is bummed because he didn't take a photograph of the plane crashing into the water. I told him, "You did the right thing by calling 911 instead."


Anna said...

I can't believe US Air is calling this "officially an EMERGENCY LANDING, not a crash" !!!

if i were on that plane and it lands in the RIVER, even though everyone lived i would still be PISSED if US Air tried to tell me it was just an emergency landing!

Christopher said...

US Air will say it was not their fault because of the birds, and therefore they don't have to give passengers a hotel room.

Do they give them $7 meal allowance for dinner in New York City tonight?

Anna said...

Right... if they're lucky they'll get a $100 voucher for US air

good for 90 days and non-transferable

"because we appreciate you as a customer"

Christopher said...

If the plane doesn't land on the runway, I say it's a crash.

What do the aviation experts say?

Mame said...

I never knew that US Airways operated a ferry service!

I wonder if the birds had little American Airline tattoos or went by the name "Delta Force."

I saw some video and it looked like passengers were able to get off the belly-flopper without getting wet or injured. I think you'd only last about 2 minutes in the water today. Very scary.

Good thing they didn't let anyone carry any water on board!

Anonymous said...

Why'd you remove the images? :(

Tutmeister said...

An emergency landing is a collective term for various types of landing, where crash landing is one of them.

Technically speaking though, this landing is a "ditching" as he carried out a crash landing on water.


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