January 31, 2009

As Above So Below

Here I present three photographs from my late Saturday afternoon/early evening journey in midtown.

1. A look below from above at Bergdorf Goodman into the cufflink department.
2. Browsing through the photography books upstairs, I looked down towards the ground floor of Rizzoli Books on 57th Street and caught a great moment.
3. Finally, a window into 8 1/2, a swanky restaurant with great food on 57th Street.

You know there is a depression when there are more salespeople than shoppers at Bergdorf. A very slow sales Saturday. I saw a ton of books I wanted at Rizzoli, as usual, but I didn't buy anything. I love books.

It looks like the saleswoman behind the counter is reading a book about Heath Ledger and Jim Carroll's The Basketball Diaries. It's a good thing they don't sell US Magazine at Rizzoli.


Anonymous said...

Love the photos. I was in both stores late this afternoon too. Funny, I didn't see anyone lurking around with a camera.

Babooshka said...

My kind of place. Love the overhead photography, really draws the eye through.

Theresa said...

I too love these photos (so artistic). I can't imagine the artist was lurking since it was in a public store. Wise people watch, anyway.

Anonymous said...

I love your photos. Funny commentary. You didn't tell me you were such a good photographer!!! Can't wait to see you again. Call me.