January 16, 2009

Plane Crash Aftermath

What a day! 50,000 hits to the blog in 4 hours from all over the world.

Since nobody was badly hurt and the crew did such an amazing job, it doesn't feel weird to celebrate the great deal I made for the pictures.

You can see the last picture taken before the plane hit the water here and here and here. I had to take the pictures down after AP licensed them for worldwide usage. They are now the proud owner of the image of the plane in flight over the Hudson River moments before the successful splashdown.

Sorry, that my friend Matt didn't get the picture as he watched it splash, but he was rockin' it with a fabulous operator from 911 before it even crashed.

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Mame said...

50,000 hits - holy crap!

Mame said...

50,000 hits - holy crap!

ROB said...

Right place, right time...and with the camera. This is an important image, nothing to feel bad about I say. Agree, its incredible to see they all exited safely.