September 22, 2008

Al and Bob

Saturday night at the Zeigfeld Theatre, the largest movie theater in Manhattan. It seats 1,100 people, but there were only about 30 people there for the 9:30 show. It's much, much bigger than my lame picture makes it appear. Cleaview Cinemas needs to fix their outdoor signage. "Righteous Kill," the latest Al Pacino and Robert Deniro movie (terrible title, terrible movie) is currently playing there.
It looks like they have a lot of surplus Indiana Jones-themed M&Ms to get rid of. This is what happens when a movie bombs - extra M&M's.

I used to love the Zeigfeld, but they haven't had any good movies there for a long time. now I prefer the Paris Theatre which is the only other single screen movie theater in New York that I can think of right now.
Adam and the Ants were cool. What ever happened to Ant Music?


• Eliane • said...

First of all, I love the Paris Theater. You usually feel like you're the youngest in the room, among all those light blue and light purple folks. ;)
Second, I have yet to go to the Ziegfield. Which will be done in a few days, as it is hosting most of the films for the New York Film Festival which starts Friday (the Lincoln Center is in the middle of this gigantic renovation project). Should be good!

Anonymous said...

extra m&m's .. where was I ??