September 18, 2008

Warriors, Come Out To Play!

The classic movie The Warriors was originally released in 1979. This is such a good movie and definitely worth renting if you've never seen it before. It's one of my favorite movies of all time and I remember watching it multiple times on TV when I was growing up.

I never could have predicted that almost 20 years later the gang would still be going strong and that I would run into them posing for tourist pictures on Coney Island. What they were doing on a Sunday afternoon is anyone's guess, but I think they came out to play. Judging from the pictures above, you can tell that this is one super scary gang!

For no particular reason this reminds me of the excellent song Jah War by The Ruts. Staring at the Rude Boys is just as good. Enjoy!


Sharon said...

I just discovered your site and I love it. I'm going to add you to my list of favorites.

Wayne said...

I wouldn't want to meet them in a dark alley but at Coney Island on a Sunday afternoon, no worries.

I was in NYC last week and really had hoped to get to Coney Island but it just didn't happen. I'll put it at the top of my list next trip.

Thanks Christopher

• Eliane • said...

I have never heard of this movie but it will go on my Netflix list. Thanks to your links I am now intrigued.

gogouci said...

I love that movie and what a classic line.