September 17, 2008

Day Empire

A view of the Empire State Building this afternoon. If you look closely you can see the window washing scaffolding. It seems like they are always washing the windows.

"During spring and fall bird migration seasons and particularly on cloudy, humid and/or foggy nights, when large numbers of birds are seen flying near the building, the tower lights are turned off. Observatory personnel on the 86th floor outdoor deck notify the engineers. The birds are attracted by the lights and there is a danger they will fly into the building and be killed."


• Eliane • said...

Washing the windows of those skycrapers is a job I don't think I will apply for anytime soon.

Barbara Rahal said...

They must get so much money for washing those windows eh they? I love the details on the nearest building, what building is it?

Christopher said...

Good eye. The nearest building is some random NYC office bldg. on 36th and Madison. There are buildings like that all over the city with unique architectural elements.