September 28, 2008

The Staples' Art Collection

I've been trying to take more positive pictures of the city, since I only seem to notice the homeless people, trucks covered in graffiti, abandoned bicycles, etc.

But then the other night on the way over to see the David Blaine extravaganza in Central Park, I noticed all this beautiful Staples trash. Beauty is in the they say, right? So you can decide for yourself if it's just a pile of trash or a beautiful collection of boxes temporarily assembled on the sidewalk. I like the colors and the boxes and the the way they are all stacked up so high. It's semi-reminds me of the artwork by the french artist Arman who is best known for his great accumulations/assemblages.

For the non-New Yorkers out there - since there aren't that many alleys in the city, all the trash sits on the sidewalk after being placed on the curbs late in the evening. Noisy garbage trucks come by and pick it all up after 11PM making it hard for the residents of New York to sleep soundly. It is a very loud city!


• Eliane • said...

Well, luckily in the UWS gargage pickup is around 7am. But when my company relocated me here, I had an appartment on Broad Street (cross street to Wall St). Garbage pickup was around 3am, just below my door. It was a nice little corporate loft but boy was I happy to leave the place and get some sleep!

Wayne said...

I do believe I've seen the exact same 'installation' in the MoMA.

babooshka said...

One thing about island life the trash gets collected quick. I like to see images of a palce that are real, so if it's trash or a sunset so be it.