September 16, 2008

Henry Rollins, Sells Out or Cashes In?

Henry Rollins, patron saint of the commercialized underground, does another advertisement - this time for Vans. In his defense, Vans is a totally independent company and Henry has worn their sneakers for decades. But a huge billboard on St. Marks Place is either really cool or supremely lame. Or both.

On closer inspection (click the first picture) "Five Shots of Anything for $10. All Day/All Night" What??? This is obviously the place in New York to go get your cheapo drunk on!

Party on my loyal blog readers. After you've had FIVE shots, don't forget to get an Angus Third Pounder next door at McDonalds. Tell them Henry sent you.


Mame said...

I love "get your cheapo drunk on" and Angus Three Pounder. Nice.

• Eliane • said...

I like the guy and I think this is the perfect neighborhood for an add featuring him. It is, as you state, the neighborhood where students flock to get cheap drinks. Ever been there on a w.e. evening?