September 17, 2008

Gap x Colette

Inside the Colette x Gap pop-up store on 5th avenue. It's a mashup of the hip boutique in Paris and the faltering American chain that sometimes makes good advertisements and otherwise boring and inexpensive clothing for the masses.

It's a very well-designed store and some of the small array of products are intriguing, if a bit overpriced. I bought a gray t-shirt that's very comfortable and fits great. The store makes Gap seem cool for about five seconds, but I still couldn't find anything in the regular store that I need or want.


• Eliane • said...

It's an intriguing concept. I will have to visit it for myself.
I see Gap like the Ikea of clothing. The place where you buy your basics: the black t-shirt, etc. And you mix it with nicer pieces.

Jessica Park said...

I heard that the concept shop was nothing special? It's an interesting idea though...

Here I blogged about it also. Check it out!