September 27, 2008

High and Low

Leaders from the one hundred ninety-two members of the United Nations gathered in New York this week for the new General Assembly. There were parties and events all over town. Traffic was a mess and many streets were closed and cars and pedestrians redirected.

One of the events may have been at the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) the other evening. The important people ate at nicely appointed tables upstairs in the beautiful museum while the caterers ate the same food a few feet away in the loading dock.

A large green Andy Warhol "Flowers" painting hangs above the museum information desk. A large overflowing coat rack is situated in the loading dock area. If you really think about it, the coat rack is perhaps a slightly more interesting piece of art. Andy once said, "
Art is anything you can get away with." I'm calling the "Coat Rack (found jackets, uniforms, and two coat racks, 2008)" art. Consider it a temporary installation.


Mame said...

Nice contrast! You do a nice job of illustrating that we should find art everywhere.

JM said...

Very interesting contrast at the MoMA!