September 18, 2008

Business Meeting in Starbucks

A late morning business meeting in the local Starbucks. These two businessmen seem to be very focused at accomplishing a lot of important things.

If you look out the window behind these men, you will see a ton of stores closely grouped together. There is a flower shop on the corner (never been there), a dry cleaners upstairs (good for laundry, but sucky for anything else - whoever heard of paying $3 to clean a shirt?), a massage parlor across from the cleaners, and a Korean deli - Pro Deli (I used to go there and get breakfast every morning and coffee, but then they got a nasty new owner who yelled at me one day for no reason - so I never went back), a nail salon and an amazing Japanese noodle shop that is open late and serves the best cheap food in the neighborhood.


Wayne said...

Do you follow Chicago Daily Photo Christopher?

Is it Buckies theme day? Why doesn't anyone tell me about these things?

Mame said...

That's an entire village packed into the background of a meeting at Starbucks!

b.c. said...

hi, wayne left me a comment about your blog. yay we starbucked!

Christopher said...

It was a total coincidence - that's the right link! Is that what they call them in Vancouver - Buckies? I have never heard that before.

It is anazing how much you can fit into the background of a photograph.