June 7, 2009

The Block Sees You

Another tremendously good reason not to have a dog. Your bitchy neighbors are watching.

The sign reads:

The Block Sees You
Morning & Night
This is not poopy park. Please take your dogs poop home & flush. Don't think the Block Watchers don't see you. You have lined the front of this house with poop. You continue to fill my garbage can with your dog poop. You have now forced me to install a camera. Please, please take poop home & flush.
Thank you.
460 Clinton Ave.

Does anyone have a link to the Poopy Cam? Surely we can stop this from happening again! It could be just like the Obama Sign Cam. Poopy Cam is way more catchy.

If I lived in this neighborhood, I'd totally want to rip down this sign. To me this type of rant posted duct-taped to a tree is far worse for the neighborhood than stepping around some dog shit. But poopy cam is a good idea.

Unrelated: The new Kasabian album is great.

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