June 28, 2009

Out The Window

A view out my window on a sunny Sunday.

I went and bought a new bicycle today. I don't know how I'm going to be able to afford it, but I bought it anyway.


James said...

What a bummer, pretty soon you won't even be able to tip the doorman.I hope
I don't see you out there with a money cup and stuffed giraffe anytime soon. Maybe you can sell some of your art?
Great view by the way. Now it's time for a few clicks so you can keep the view and the bike. :-)

Christopher said...

Instead of a giraffe, I have Mr. Orange. I think he can earn a few coins for my new bike. He's available for rent if anyone is interested. I made 1% of the cost of my new bicycle yesterday. Thanks for the clicks.

Frank said...

You included my beloved CityCorp bulding...if it's still called that. After leaving the city I lived right on River Road on the Jersey side facing that view looking east across the river. Thanks for the shot.

Christopher said...

Yes, it's still called Citicorp Center. I took another picture of it a couple weeks ago. http://quiteallright.blogspot.com/2009/05/urban-geometry.html