June 22, 2009

First Day of Summer 2009

Today was the first day of the summer and it was also Father's Day. Since I don't have a father and I'm not one myself, I celebrated the first day of summer.

This is a look at a completely deserted Sheep's Meadow in Central Park. On a typical Sunday afternoon the expansive green grassy field in the middle of New York City would be filled with hundreds and hundreds (if not thousands) of people. You would see girls in bikinis, frisbee throwing lunkheads, dozens of picnics and all sorts of sunny day activities. The rain and wet grass scared everyone away.

Late this afternoon, I went to the Museum of Modern Art to look at some art and I also went for a bike ride. The museum was great, not too crowded and so many great things to see. The bike ride was less successful as it was going exceptionally well until it just happened to start pouring rain about half way through my trek. I got soaked! I didn't really care though and I continued anyway since I was determined to go around the loop four times. Mission accomplished.

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