June 2, 2009

Counter Terrorism Task Force

"We'll take a couple of those JELL-O's in the case."

This is obviously a very effective way to make sure you don't get overcharged at the deli. Keep your fingers on your gun the whole time. NYC cops are tough. If you overcharge them, they'll shoot you.


Frank said...

Even in our dear country you were brave to grab this shot...even at a food counter. They do look scary.

Christopher said...

Yes, I know. He probably is just used to holding his gun, but it was kind of intimidating all the same.

Frank said...

I remember taking a few innocent photos of cops in New Orleans once and I
thought they'd arrest me for it. I'm afraid of shooting anything now that
might be construed as "terrorist" activity. Sad. But I guess everyone is
more cautious. I shot Parisian motorcycle cops a couple of years ago
arresting (?) a bike rider on the street near the Louvre and they looked so
angry at me. Hey. Tourist here.
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