June 20, 2009

Yo! MTV Raps

Yo! MTV Raps was a huge show in the late-80s/early 90s on MTV. If you are reading this, you probably saw at least a few episodes. It ran from August 1988 to August 1995 and was the first hip hop music show on MTV. It was hosted by Doctor Dré, Ed Lover and Fab 5 Freddy.

Obviously, it looks like I found someone coming from an audition for a Kid 'n Play reunion video. It's the 90s Kid walking on 6th Avenue and 43rd Street this afternoon. He's pretty much got the look down, but I think his boom box needed to be just a little bit larger. Cassette tapes are cool though. If it wasn't the middle of June, I would have sworn he was on the way to a Halloween party. Yes, he does have Mickey Mouse cut into the back of his hair cut.

Are you a 90s kid?


sixmats.com said...

Nice find. I remember Yo MTV Raps. It kind of died at the end though.

Robinaphl said...

Oh I love this. I recognize the Grace building in the background. My mother used to work next door to that building and it amazed a child. The incredible rubber building.