June 25, 2009

Stop Don't Stop Stop Don't Park

Don't these signs seem just a tiny bit confusing? Stop? Don't Stop? Whatever you don't Don't Park there! If you weren't from the city, I don't think you'd know exactly what to do. You'll find these friendly signs across the street from Saks Fifth Avenue right near Rockefeller Center.

It does look like there is a big sale at Cole Haan though.


Lawrence Berezin said...


Beautiful photo. You managed to capture in one picture, what I'm trying to write about for the benefit of the NYC driving public.

To tell you the truth, these silly signs are much clearer than most signs engulfing a City block. I'd love to see a montage of those impossible to make sense of signs.

Nice job!

Christopher said...

Thanks for the comment. Glad you enjoy the signs!