June 30, 2009

Both on a Bike

This is a totally crazy bike that you crank pedal with your hands. Rider in the back basket is totally optional. Definitely a unique way to get around in Manhattan.

As for me...don't worry I didn't buy a ridiculous bike like the one pictured above. I bought a completely normal one with no baskets or other extraneous junk on it. It's matte black. I took off all the stickers and reflectors and Sharpied out any other bright spots so that it's now totally black. It looks way cooler now. My friend Celeste told me to get a colorful bike, but I'd rather not stick out and I certainly don't want to attract the bike thieves again. I also bought a very durable lock. Not that it will help much if they rip the sign out of the sidewalk again, but it will help.

Have you seen the new Lily Allen video? I don't even like her that much, but it's pretty great and I totally share her sentiments for all sorts of reasons. She's probably really cool in person though.

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